Quality policy

This is what we stand for. We prioritise our customers, their wishes and requirements. Everything we do and the way we do it is geared towards impeccable product and service quality. We are aware what our customers expect from us; reliability, quality, delivery and date reliability, speed, flexibility and innovativeness are our core competencies.

To achieve this our processes are clearly defined, our dependencies and interactions are fully transparent.
Therefore we survey the complete process from the order acceptance stage (quotation) to the delivery of the final product.

This also allows us to allow process optimizations to be integrated into the processes in a structured manner, to document them and to make them effective in the long term.
Through continuous control, active data collection and the improvement of our processes based on this, we achieve a steady increase in the effectiveness and efficiency of our company performance.

This works on several different levels, for example the optimization of the communication with you, our customers, the improvement of the concept and the introduction of new products or the created transparency processes.

We also focus our quality-influencing measures on the work environment, because we want an environment in which all employees enjoy working towards the achievement of common goals. This is what we promote continuously and on many levels. For example through the use of modern equipment, high standards of safety, self-responsibility, short distances or even a hearty tone- our resources are extremely important to us!

State-of-the-art technologies in manufacturing, high-quality information technology and optimally equipped workstations offer an environment in which top performance is generated.
Our suppliers are an important part of our resources and are also included in the quality process, while being fairly treated.

When dealing with the long-term requirements of our suppliers, we only accept the same high standard of quality we demand from our suppliers.