14 May 2020

Textile separation walls – Keep distance

Finally, more shops and restaurants are allowed to open again. However, strict hygiene and distance regulations are a major challenge for many companies. We can help!

To support the measures, textile frame systems can now be used very well as protective and separation walls, e.g. in areas such as cash-desks and entrances, but also to separate tables in restaurants. They ensure the distance between people and with our textiles with anti-microbial finish an active prevention of bacteria and mildew – this has been tested and certified. In addition, they can be individually printed and thus change from a divider to an eye-catcher.

with anti-microbial and INKTeX+® FL treatment

  • Perfect material for: as separation fabric in offices, stores, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, tool stores, productions, furniture, etc
  • antimicrobial technology prevents bacteria and mildew
  • in accordance with ASTM E-2149-13a (antibacterial activity: very strong; bacteria reduction rate 99,9 %
  • still certified material according to Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex, Class II (skin contact)
  • simple processing – as easy to use as the known Decotex GFS > no extra profiling or testing needed!
  • antimicrobial effect and FR treatment are tested before and after washing (FR certification is valid only in the stage of delivery)
  • can be printed with sublimation inks (direct / transfer)
  • available ex stock in 320 cm width
  • weight: 220 g/m²    +/- 3,0 %

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