Despite all our innovation, we have always remained true to one thing: the unconditional commitment to high quality and sustainable customer relationships.

  • 1950
    Warping and warp knitting company founded in Rodgau by Georg and Otto Friedrich.
  • 1955
    Monthly production rises at approximately 10 tons.
  • 1968
    Production of warp knitting moves from Rodgau to Groß-Zimmern. Monthly production reaches 50 tons.
  • 1971
    Starting of the own lining collection distribution with own lining fabrics
  • 1985
    “Otto Friedrich GmbH” subsidiary founded in Vienna, Austria.
  • 1990
    Triplication of the production as a new production plant was built in Groß-Zimmern for warp knitted textiles worldwide.
  • 1995
    First textiles for transfer printing are developed and offered. Monthly production: approximately 250 tons.
  • 1998
    Subsidiary Sachsen-Masche Kändler KG founded in Limbach-Oberfrohna OT Kändler.
  • 1999
    Introduction of the first textiles with own developed sublimation direct-printing coating, together with Company Ciba, CH under the trademark INKTeX+BC.
  • 2000
    New administration building and warehouse constructed in Groß-Zimmern, resulting in the triplication of the storage capacity for finished goods.
  • 2001
    Monthly production surpasses 400 tons.
  • 2003
    Development of the flame retardant direct finishing »INKTeX+FLBS together with DuPont, USA
  • 2004
    New production facility at Sachsen Masche constructed and put into operation, increasing capacity by 20%.
  • 2004
    Monthly production exceeds 450 tons.
  • 2004
    First developments of coated fabrics for digital Printing.
  • 2011
    Building of a new warehouse for yarn (4500 sqm)
  • 2012
    Introduction of coated textiles for lightbox and blockout applications, construction of a new warehouse for yarn
  • 2013
    Reaching a turnover of more than 50 million euro, extending the laboratory for more possibilities of textile testing.
  • 2014
    In September both factories produce more than 600 tons together.
  • 2015
    Foundation and opening of the subsidiary “Gesellschaft für textile Ausrüstung mbH (GtA)” in Neresheim.
  • 2016
    New warehouse was built in Groß-Zimmern, which is connected to the administration building.
  • 2016
    Productions exceeds 680 tons, more than 400 tons were produced in Groß-Zimmern
  • 2018
    Startup of the world's first 280"-warp knitting machine (working width 700cm) after years of development partnership with the machine manufacturer Karl Mayer.
  • 2019
    2019 Extending the capacity of production and possibility for widths of 540 cm at GtA.

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We produce at three locations, exclusively in Germany. For us “Made in Germany” is more than just a hint about the location – it is a performance commitment. And we can be judged on this promise.

Uncompromising product quality requires optimal manufacturing processes. At Friedrich, a well elaborated workflow system ensures consistently reproducible quality standards. Each individual product can be tracked with a coded label, from the finishing plant to the warp knitting machine and filament. All textile-relevant tests can be carried out either in our in-house laboratory or by independent, external testing institutes. In this way, we ensure that our customers receive the highly quality, which they expect.

We focus on our core competences and work with the most capable and long term cooperation partners in every product area. High customer loyalty and long-term business relationships as well as the development of our company show us that we are on the right way.