Flag fabric - 3570CS - Now available in width 500 cm

27.03.2014 Currently we would like to inform you about our newly available article 3570CS in width 500 cm, especially suitable when printing with UV-inks!

New stock and production widths available for our well-known block-out articles!

02.07.2013 On multiple demand of our customers we have realized the technical possibilities to produce our one- and double-sided block-out articles up to a width of 300 cm. Thus, these articles now can be used for wider applications and dhe waste caused by cuttings can be reduced!

Information on article 9797

07.06.2013 Ladies and Gentlemen, Unfortunately, we have to inform you that in future we cannot longer offer our article “PES-Woven-Fabric art. 9797”.

New highly elastic and soft deco fabric - article 8484FLBR - introduced

24.01.2013 We proudly present our new highly-elastic and soft deco-material 8484FLBR! The latest development of company Friedrich is a highly-elastic deco-material which can be used for various applications in connection with booth construction.

Article 6043KFLBW - New flag fabric, now even better!

28.05.2012 Based on our bestselling Article 6043, we have developed a new finishing called "KFLBW" for further improved results.

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